Please contact Jenny Jaeckel by email:


If you seeking author interviews, photos or other materials, please contact her publisher:

Erika Lunder/Raincloud Press

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  1. I just finished HOR, which, as fatefully as many events in the book, I received via goodreads sweepstakes. It is one of if not the most profoundly impacting novel I’ve read. In fact, I devoured it in one sitting. Then, being so moved, I searched for more info about your writing and was brought here, to your website- another fateful and profound expedience as I consider myself gender fluid and very much an active participant in queer culture. I suppose I’m writing a typical fan-esque ‘I love you so much; you’ve changed my life’ kind of letter in flattery, but really, thank you so much for your work. I truly admire you, and I appreciate your existence in the any world, respectively. Take care.

    Love, Dylan.

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