For the Love of Meat


Meat_Front_3_small copyFor the Love of Meat: Nine illustrated Stories

A Collection of Short Stories

eBook Published 8/20/16

Soft Cover published 10/14/16

162 pages, b&w illustrations

ISBN 978-1-941203-10-1 (print)

Cover design by Raincloud Press & Josue Menjivar

Publisher: Raincloud Press

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Jenny Jaeckel is the author/illustrator of this collection of short stories for adults. Why can’t adults enjoy illustrations with their stories? Well they can now! A delightful collection of tales that span multiple histories, countries and cultures. Current reviews and news will be more up to date on the publisher’s For the Love of Meat page.




For the Love of Meat combines whimsical and surreal illustrations with engaging, intimate encounters that explore the depths of human experience. Unique and diverse in setting, and with touches of magical-realism, these nine stories will tug at the strings of the wandering, romantic heart, setting it delightfully ablaze.

In Wander the Desert, Sister Aurelia, a nun from the early 20th century, finds herself stranded in the Mexican desert with nothing but a few cobs of corn and a stray horse who becomes her faithful companion.

 In Stumble and Fall, we meet Dara, a young Londoner hungry for adventure who, unwilling to settle for the safety and comfort of home, travels to Vancouver, city of immigrants, where a handsome stranger entices her to take a leap into the unknown. The Two explores the tender bond between two young cousins,For the Love of Meatgrowing up in 1940s Philadelphia, who are as inseparable as light and shadow. As one of the girls tragically becomes ill, the impact on the other shows how true connections of heart and spirit are not bound to time and place. And Mémé, set in Haiti in the 1800s, is told from the stunning perspective of a slave who, as a child, witnesses the brutal murder of her mother, and survives through her connection to her brother and the natural world.

Jenny Jaeckel’s compelling storytelling takes us across the world and through the ages, with remarkable insight and soul-moving moments, when paths cross and time unfolds. Her language, imagery and attention to detail plunge the reader into these memorable lives, soaking us in tales of adventure, courage, love, loss, longing and all the hope in between.

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